The Inner Journey

Know yourself, discover your gifts. That is the biggest challenge!
The Inner Journey is an interactive online training that leads you to experience your inner beauty. It is an inspirational journey whereby you discover and develop your inner treasures. When you have lost meaning and mission, struggle with the idea that there must be ‘something’ more, the time has come to Re-Member.

The Online Journey

Momentarily we are in the process of building an online academy. The online lessons are divided into modules. The online training modules of the Academy are called the ‘Online Journey‘. In series of videos, filled with meditations, theoretical explanations, arts and crafts and luminous mind coaching, you will be trained to expand your consciousness to the so called ‘higher’ states of the mind. 

The Mythical Journey

A Mythical Journey is an intensive workshop based on mythology and magic. Every Mythical Journey is unique, and covers a mythical theme from the Hermetic Tradition.

Hermetic Books

Hermetic books are workbooks: they are filled with knowledge to be applied and exercises that need to be practiced. Hermetiscism is an art of life for the adventurous. Pursue it daily and you will benefit from its healing, life changing powers.


Hier kun je video’s over de Hermetische Traditie zien, meditaties over de Hermetische Kabbala, lessen in Hermetische filosofie, oefeningen in Deep Imagination, demonstraties van zaken die in de cursussen voorkomen, enzovoorts.

Argo – Group Journey

The Argo’s Journey

The Argo’s Journey is a group training for invites only. It consists of an ongoing cycle of active learning classes in which you develop the Inner Treasures that initiate personal growth.
This program that might appeal to you after having attended our public events (see our calendar).

The Dragon’s Journey

After having mastered the First Degree training (Deep Imagination part 1 plus the Inner Treasures Development), you have reached the intermediate level of the Hermetic Arts and Sciences. The time has come to explore deeper levels. Among you will be the teachers of the future.

The Initiate’s Journey

Did you ever have the notion that ‘there is more’? That state of mind, where everything suddenly makes sense? Without words a Knowing awakens, an unearthly Beauty becomes tangible and a Mystery hovers in the air… that is when you experience the Transpersonal Realm.


Our shop is full of products that help you to unravel your inner riches. We sell books, courses and pieces of handcrafted art.

Cards & Candles Café

We organize the Cards & Candles Café in the Netherlands, in Germany and in Belgium. The Cards & Candles Café is hosted by local pubs that offer us a meeting place. We gather there once a month to chat about our favorite subjects and to meet new people who have a spiritual interest.