Artwork – The Walker Between the Worlds




The work ‘The Walker between the Worlds’ is based on the tarot card ‘The Hermit’, and on the myth of Merlin who merges with the Hawthorn. As a result, he is present everywhere and his voice can always be heard in the sound of rippling streams, the rustling of the leaves in the wind. The light of his lantern is the sun that shines on every leaf, and if there is no sun then you can see the face of the Fairy Nimue (the Moon) as she mirrors herself, in every dewdrop on the leaves of the forest.

The sacred tree is a metaphor for the nature around us and our inner nature. By realizing ourselves and becoming one with our inner nature, we create our inner paradise. Our roots go deep into our subconscious, the trunk of the tree is our backbone, our magical staff. The wisdom we learn and the talents we develop are the flowers, the apples or the sapphires that grow on the tree. But these are metaphors for the stars and planets in the sky: representing aspects of enlightened consciousness, with which a saint slowly merges.

Artwork A3 print on perspex