Online Journey – The Doors of Perception – Winter




The Doors of Perception

Do you ever watch the stars at night and wonder how the tides of the cosmos influence your soul? Do you also feel the subtle changes of atmosphere throughout the year, but struggle to pinpoint their meaning for your life? Do you know that there is a relation between those subtle changes and the Minor Arcana of the Tarot?

The relation between the Minor Arcana cards of the Tarot and Astrology is a topic on which information is hard to come by. Even if you happen to find a good book, it is difficult to sort out just how exactly to apply its principles in your daily life.

But I have great news for you:  This season the Academy of Hermetic Arts and Sciences offers The Doors of Perception, a series of webinars which will take you through the different so called „Decans“ of the Zodiac from Aquarius to Aries.  The Doors of Perception is an online training which offers in-depth information on the relation between the Tarot and Astrology.

The training offers a theoretical background, but the main focus is on the beautiful, uplifting Pathworkings and exercises, that make this training into a true magical journey. You might even discover some real magical treasures during your journey which might just change your life! Experience the connection between Astrology and the Tarot in a way that has never been made public before!

Having participated in the previous season I can assure you that the Pathworkings and exercises of The Doors of Perception have a major positive impact on your deep mind. They will truly transform your sense of self. When doing the previous training last trimester I have experienced some very deep and beneficial changes within myself, as well as a deep sense of healing and love.

And don‘t worry if you have missed the previous season of this amazing journey: the teachings are designed in such a way every newcomer can join at the beginning of every new season. Come with me on an amazing adventure and join this life-changing journey now!



How can I participate?

During the coming season we will go through the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, to experience the energies of the Doors of Perception, card by card, image by image, week by week. We will meet on Zoom. This makes it possible for everybody on this globe to participate in this exciting adventure!

In order to make this more accessible for people who want to join, I have divided the webinars in four series of each twelve lessons. In case you miss a lesson, you will always be able to catch up.

Don’t hesitate and enroll for this adventure NOW!!!

For Whom  

For everyone who wants to deepen their insight into the Western Mystery Tradition and who loves Tarot, Meditation and practical magical work.


During twelve hours of webinars about the Minor Arcana, we will journey through the coming season, and open the Doors of Perception. On request you also receive 30 minutes of individual coaching on your spiritual development.

Where   Via Zoom on Wednesdays, from  19.30 – 20.30 o’clock CEST/CET (Amsterdam time zone).

When   Start January 25 2023 until April 19 2023

Price per quarter 12 Lessons of each one hour € 269,00 plus one individual coaching session of thirty minutes via Zoom.

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