Online Journey – The Hall of the Mountain King – Autumn




As many of you know, I am working on my tarot deck ‘The Book of the Caves’. ‘The Book of the Caves’ is an imaginative book that contains 78 magical images. All these images serve as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Every magical image represents the spiritual journey, starting from the outer world into the inner core, through layers. Every tarot card unlocks the cultural spiritual and magical legacy of generations and generations of ancestors. Every one of the cards is accompanied by in-depth meditation exercises and magical techniques. All the cards together tell the story of the Soul that develops and grows towards the Light.

The Book of the Caves tarot

Each card is an artwork of its own, a focus point for meditations, as well as an altarpiece for rituals. Every tarot card gives access to transformative powers. The cards are keys that open ‘The Gates of Wonder’.  They open gates of your unconscious mind and they give access to an inner realm, where Magic is real and Miracles take place.   This realm is called ‘The Enchanted Land’.  On the roads that run through to the Enchanted Land, you can find magical treasures and can make huge personal transformations. I want to invite you to join me on this adventure.

The Enchanted Land

A magical journey into the Enchanted Land is an exciting adventure, it is a pilgrimage into the sacred realms of your Deep Mind. It starts with an in-depth research into historical texts, it leads to the  miracle that causes your Inner World to open its richness, to start to blossom. The journeys into the Enchanted Land open your mind to Spiritual Pleasures, to miracles and set the flow of inspiration in motion. They bring true magic into your life.

The Hall of the Mountain King

Our journey will take us through the Minor Arcana cards. Although these cards are called ‘Minor’, there is nothing minor about them. Did you know that all the Minor Arcana Cards are connected to constellations of stars? The Minor Arcana cards are important keys to Stellar Mysteries, Magical Grimoires and Egyptian Mysteries. In the Book of the Caves, the Minor Arcana Cards are called ‘The Hall of the Mountain King’.

Despite their cosmic meanings, the magical images of the Hall of the Mountain King are a reality lived. Because of the relationship that exists in the Caves between the outer world (the Universe) and our inner world (the Enchanted Land), every symbol in a tarot card resonates the connection ‘As Above, so Below, as Without, so Within’. They are associated with the subtle body and with aspects of human consciousness.

How can I participate?

I have developed a series of webinars. Together we will go through an entire Circle of the Year to experience the energies of the Hall of the Mountain King, card by card, image by image. Every week we will meet on Zoom. This makes it possible for everybody on this globe to participate in this exiting adventure!

In order to make this more accessible for people who want to join, I have divided the webinars in four series of each twelve lessons. In case you miss a lesson, you will always be able to catch up.

Don’t hesitate and enroll for this adventure NOW!!!

For Whom                         For everyone who wants to deepen their insight into the Western Mystery Tradition and who loves Tarot, Meditation and practical magical work.

What                                    During twelve hours of webinars about the Minor Arcana, we will journey through the first quarter of the Hall of the Mountain King, plus one hour of individual coaching on your spiritual development.

Where                                  Via Zoom on Wednesdays, from  19.30 – 20.30 o’clock CEST/CET (Amsterdam time zone).

When                                 Start October 19 2022. The exact dates of each lesson can be found on the Calendar of the website.

Price per quarter:           12 Lessons of each one hour € 269,00 plus one individual coaching session of one hour via Zoom.

Don’t hesitate and enroll for this adventure, and add to basket 🙂