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Training Course “The Book of the Caves”: The First Journey

The Descent – The First Journey Ina Custers
The Descent – The First Journey

The Tarot Journeys of the Book of the Caves

The Tarot has been a companion on my journey throughout my life. Time and again, she has shown her deeper layers. During my 15 years of training at an English mystery school, she opened her magical roads to me. When I developed the study curriculum for the Western Mystery School, the Tarot became the bridge between old shamanic and magical techniques to modern therapeutic techniques.

The Tarot is regarded to be a divination-medium, but do you know that the cards give access to an unparalleled psychological model? Her pictures are magical: they arose from ancient symbols and mythical texts. By intensively working with the Tarot, an important background structure was revealed to me that unlocked important long kept secrets.

Because I know how important the Tarot is, I HAVE to write the Book of the Caves:

  • To make this precious spiritual training accessible to you,
  • To teach you how to apply its hidden healing techniques, so that you can take your own fate in your hand,
  • To help you to reveal the deepest layers in yourself, and open up to higher consciousness.

Do you join me on this treasure hunt?

The main character of this adventure is you: you are the Fool, on his quest to gather wisdom. Are you looking for the meaning of things? Do you have extraordinary experiences; are you a high sensitive, searching for healing? The Tarot is a powerful instrument for self-examination. She learns that every life experience brings wisdom and strength, and that love is the mortar that connects all beings.

The Tarot Cards of the Book of the Caves each depict an area of life. Each Cave contains a life lesson, a transformative meditation and a magical technique. The entire project is too extensive for one book, and that is why I created the Book of the Caves as an online project that is divided into separate paths, so called Journeys.

I will take you with me on this adventure through mysterious caves, along unknown roads and secret paths, according to a pattern that you don’t know yet, that will illuminate unexplored areas of your mind. Not only rational knowledge but especially inner tuition will unfold when you work with the different journeys of the Tarot Cards.

The Book of the Caves consists of:

  • A specially designed set of Tarot Cards,
  • Videos with meditations,
  • Assignments with tasks that will generate peak experiences,
  • Webinars,
  • Books
  • and magical spells.

All parts can be ordered separately, and as a project it will grow during our journey.Do you have your feet firmly on the Earth, your head longing to reach Heaven? Are you looking for meaning? Are you passionate about Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah, Mythology, Magic, Hermetics or the Western Mystery Tradition and their relation to each other? Then join me on my journey through the Book of the Caves and experience a life-changing adventure.


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