The Argo’s Journey

Argo – Group Journey

The Argo is the name of a famous mythical ship, it transports heroes between the worlds. The Argo’s Journey is a group training for invites only. During these meetings you train your Deep Imagination. The Argo’s Journey begins nowhere and ends nowhere. Its meetings consist of an ongoing cycle of active learning classes in personal empowerment. It is a program that might appeal to  you after have attended public events (see our calendar) and long to commit to an intensive level of group training in Hermetic Arts and Sciences. The training consists of two semesters per year. Each semester consists of five intensive full day classes plus feedback.

Hermetic Kabbala and Masterclasses

During the Argo’s Journey you will practice Hermetic exercizes and learn theoretical background of this unique system of personal empowerment. But most important of all: you will practice a broad spectrum of mental and meditation techniques, breathing exercises, contemplation, arts & crafts and ritual drama, in which the techniques of Hermetic Arts and Sciences are embedded. By these exercises you will be able to access the deeper levels of the subconscious mind and experience the transformative power of the Deep Imagination.

What is the backbone of the Argo’s Journey?

The connecting thread of these group training classes is the Hermetic Kabbala. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is applied in a special way and has developed into a powerful tool for personal empowerment, to cause impressive personal transformations and changes in consciousness.

Hermetic Kabbala classes

Every human activity on the outer is based on a state of consciousness on the inner; a combination of feeling, thoughts, ideas, history, body awareness and so on. These different states of consciousness are depicted schematically; the Tree of Life is an ancient roadmap of the Inner Worlds of humanity.

During the Argo’s Journey you will train your Deep Imagination and learn to recognize different types of energy and apply them consciously. As you progress, you will be able to fine-tune your intentions and use these states of consciousness more effectively to achieve your goals in life, by generating larger amounts and higher frequencies of these different energies.

Building an Inner Temple

Most people have shut certain parts of themselves away behind thick shields of protection.  As a consequence it has become extremely difficult to reach higher states of consciousness and inspiration, because that beautiful part of your Inner Self is vulnerable! It can be hurt severely in daily life. How to connect to your inner wealth in a safe way?

You do that by building an Inner Temple: you learn how to create a protected space inside your heart. You learn to apply the hidden teachings embedded in traditional texts and work with mental exercises from different western cultures. These open your Inner Self in a safe way, by specific breathing and visualization techniques during meditations and the practice of Hermetic Arts and Crafts. This will cause you to get peak experiences and the liberation of high amounts  of energy. You will learn how to strengthen and align yourself with this energy and develop a well-protected sacred space within, where you can sow and harvest inner fruits: the Inner Temple.

When does the next training start?

After invitation you can join the Argo’s Journey. They are a series of modulair building blocks, forming a carousel on which you can step in at any time. The classes fit together as pieces of a puzzle. Gradually the building blocks will click together, their connection will become clear to you and you will start to profit from the powerful overall system that connects these lessons.

If you decide to become a companion on our Argo’s Journey and train your Deep Imagination, you should allow yourself enough time and patience – at least half a year – to get used to the energy, as you will probably be opening yourself up to experiences that are completely different from anything you have experienced in the past. You will be assigned a ‘buddy’ to help you on your way.

The importance of Mouth-to-Ear teaching

There are a lot of books about the Hermetic Kabbala, but the essential knowledge is still taught ‘mouth to ear’. This is why you will be working together with experienced practitioners. Personal coaching is included in every module and during the Argo’s Journey you will get general feedback and on a personal level.

The Inner Journey and the Argo’s Journey can be taken separately, but combined they count up and prepare you for the Train the Trainer Trainer curriculum.

The Masterclasses in Hermetic Arts and Sciences

The Masterclasses are for people who have completed the Hermetic Kabbala classes. They are especially designed for people who want to bring their praxis of Hermetic Arts and Sciences to the next level. They consist of varying topics that provide an in-depth knowledge and praxis of applied Transpersonal Magic.

Can I try this out?

No, the classes are for invites only and require a long term commitment.