The Dragon’s Journey

After having mastered the First Degree training (Deep Imagination part 1 plus the Inner Treasures Development), you have reached the intermediate level of the Hermetic Arts and Sciences. The time has come to explore deeper levels. Among you will be the teachers of the future.

The Intermediate Level is the preparation for the Second Degree. In order to start this curriculum you need to:

  • Have at least finished lesson 15 of the Inner Treasures Training,
  • Have finished the First Degree for at least one year
  • Have attend the required minimum amount of Deep Imagination Training and/or Mythical Experiences

During the Intermediate training

  • You finish the first 25 lessons of the Deep Imagination Training
  • You finish the three volumes of the Dragon’s Path
  • You start to cooperate with our teachers to organize outer court events.

The Intermediate Level is being developed at the moment. Expect more teaching materials to come soon.