The Initiate’s Journey

Do you experience ‘there is more’? Do you know that state of mind, where everything suddenly makes sense? Without words a Knowing awakens, an unearthly Beauty becomes tangible and a Mystery hovers in the air… that is when you reach a state of Higher Consciousness, this is what happens when you experience the Transpersonal Realm.

Most people access this realm by accident, it unfolds suddenly as a rare gift of coincidence. But what if it is accessible at will? What if it is possible to explore this uncommon state of mind and harvest the treasures of this realm systematically?

The Higher Wisdom of the Matrix

When experiencing the Transpersonal you transcend your ego, you expand beyond your everyday issues, your personality and individuality. You temporarily merge with eternal patterns… you access ‘The Matrix’. When you enter the Transpersonal Realm you experience a Higher Wisdom!

The Transpersonal Realm consists of patterns: patterns of human behavior, of human society, of human development; patterns to heal you! It consists of the patterns of all living beings on this planet and their mutual relationships. When you attune yourself regularly with the Transpersonal Realm, your life will get more balanced, your daily choices will become attuned to the Timeless Wisdom and realizations will make you conscious of new and sustainable solutions. The Transpersonal is the realm of the Wisdom Teachings. It has been studied, experienced and its spiritual treasures have been applied and described by the great Sages of the generations before us.

The Sages of the Ages

These ancient Masters have left us keys to access the Transpersonal Realm and to apply its wisdom ourselves. These so called ‘Hermetic Keys’ are hidden in the metaphoric stories of Myths, in Hermetic symbols, as formulas for Alchemical transformations, as patterns in Astrology, in archetypical images such as the Tarotcards and in Magical techniques. The application of these keys has been jealously guarded and passed on ‘mouth-to-ear’ for millennia, by generations of Wisdom Teachers for ‘those who have ears to hear’.

What is Transpersonal Development?

When you apply Transpersonal techniques, you will experience your soul gradually opening to a mystical realm, where you find meaning and mission for your life.

Through the practices of meditation and ritual, a process of spiritual self-development starts unfolding in you, opening you to mystical experiences. By entering into systematic induced trance states, you generate peak experiences and develop your Self beyond your ego. In altered states of consciousness you grow past spiritual crises, undergo a sacral evolution and live through sublime unusually expanded experiences of living.

What is Transpersonal Magic?

Magic is ‘the Art and Science to causes Changes in Consciousness’. In alternate states of consciousness you learn accessing the Transpersonal Realm to harvest knowledge from the Wisdom of the Ages.

Through an in-depth training in deep-meditation, the use of trance states, combined with a systematic use of the i-magi-nation, applying the techniques of Transpersonal Magic by means of the Hermetic Kabbala, a bridge between the subconscious mind and the states of Higher Consciousness is created. This generates deep realizations and peak experiences.

Awakening to Higher Wisdom

The deep realizations and peak experiences resolve energetic blockages. In this way Transpersonal Magic is a powerful tool to help you achieving your greatest potential: your mission in life! This goal is summarized by the Alchemical term ‘The Great Work’.

We use the system behind the Hermetic Kabbala, the combined use of Magical Techniques, Astrological Patterns, Alchemical Transformations, Symbolic Myths and Hermetic Keys to achieve ‘The Great Work.’

What is Transpersonal Psychology?

Transpersonal Psychology studies the states of Higher Consciousness of the human experience. It translates transcendental spiritual experiences and principles into scientifically grounded, contemporary language, and embeds them in the framework of modern psychology.

Transpersonal Magic Trainer

Enrolling for this training is by invitation only

For whom is this training?

Our teacher training course meets the stringent requirements set by the International Board of Hermetic Trainers.