The Inner Journey

An intensive online training

Know yourself and discover your inner treasures: what a challenge! Know Thyself was already written above the doors of the antique Greek temples. This used to be the place where the ancient wisdom teachers searched for seekers who wanted to follow the path towards self-development. Are these teachers still available? What do you need to do to recieve their help?

Know Thyself … but who are you?

Who are you? Are you your profession, your political preference, the parent of your children? Are you your make-up, the size of your car, the house that you live in? Are you your weight, your handicap, your consumer behaviour?

Who are you? Is what you do a reflection of whom you want to be? Is what you buy the next step towards the fulfilment of your life? Or are there other values as well who define who you are?

Who are you? Does your life have a mission, or are you captured in the treadmill of eat-work-sleep-repeat? Do you struggle with the question ‘there must be more…’?

Do you realize who you are? In spite of what everyone around you wants you to believe, you have an important job to do and that is: to unfold your true potential. In order to achieve this, you need to remember the most important thing:

You are the Hero in your life!

You are the Hero with the Thousand Masks on a journey towards self-realisation. The thousand masks you wear are all the different facets of your personality that you use to interact with life. When you forgot your meaning and mission, struggle with the idea that there must be ‘something’ more, the time has come to Re-Member your Self:

Do you Re-Member…?

In order to Re-Member your Self in between all the different facets and roles that you play in your life, you need to look inside in a way that makes you feel better what is going on inside and what to do with the information we find there. We have been taught from childhood on to manifest ourselves in the world, but we hardly know what is going on inside.

When life forces you to look at yourself, do you discover a wounded world inside, from which you try to escape? Has the spark of your soul become partly encapsulated in your subconscious mind? Does this causes upheaval in your life?

The subconscious mind strongly resembles the story of the Wandering Rocks from the Journey of Odysseus; his ship (his soul) sails across a sea of dangerous wild waters (the unconscious mind) when he has to pass a pair of rocks that clash violently together when the ship tries to sail through. How to manoeuvre this costly ship towards your life’s destigny past these dangerous waters? How to reach the worlds of the hidden teasures inside? There is only one way: you need to Re-Member all the different parts of your Self: heal them and re-unite them with your Sacred Self.

The Inner Journey

That is easier said than done. To this end I developed The Inner Journey. This is an interactive online training that leads you to experience your inner beauty and inspiration. The Inner Journey teaches you how to pass the clashing rocks and arrive in the Inner Realms of Ritches – your Enchanted Land – where you can Re-Member your lost soul parts and develop your Inner Treasures. The Inner Journey is an in-depth mind training, working with the Deep Imagination. It is based on the Hermetic Kabbala, the backbone of the Hermetic Arts and Sciences.

During your Inner Journey you work together with a supervisor. In every lesson you reach a tangible goal and uncover building blocks. Study, experience and learn how to apply the developing new realisations and you will gradually built the Treasure House where you develop your Inner Wisdom.

How does this training work online?

You can start any time. Do you speak English? Are you on Skype and able to talk with your supervisor every fortnight on Wednesdays? Then the Inner Journey might be of interest for you.

In the video you will learn what the Inner Journey is and how it develops your Inner Treasures.

What is the Inner Journey?

The training consists five seperate semesters of each 5 lessons: five modules that help you develop certain ‘unknown powers of the mind’. You can take this training from your home. Personal guidance takes place through skype classes and email.

The Inner Journey awakens the dormant powers of your mind

During the Inner Journey, you will train your subconscious mind accessing the deeper layers and learn to apply this rich source of creativity both on the spiritual, psychological and mundane levels by techniques that you apply in your daily life, these techniques stabilize your psyche and cause inner growth.

What will I learn during the Inner Journey?

In the first part of the training you will make links between your Inner Senses and your subconscious mind. Here you lay the fundaments for your future development. It is essential for a solid build-up of the training that this basis has no gaps. This is why everyone starts at lesson one, even if you have a lot of experience in meditation.

Learn to use your Deep Imagination

You will first learn to use and develop your so called ‘Inner Senses’, to access the deeper layers of the mind.  All outer senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, body awareness) have their equivalent on the inner and together are referred to as the ‘Inner Senses’. With the help of your Inner Senses you become aware of automatic processes of the subconscious mind.

In the second phase of the training, you start the exploration and transformation of your personality. Know Thyself is the key to personal growth. When you open yourself up to different layers of consciousness of being in a meditative state, using the Deep Imagination and its Hermetic symbols  will open you to experiences that will enable you to solve problems at the level of your subconscious mind. This will make you more stable and give you a better grip of your life. This process we call Transpersonal Magic.

The next step you will learn, is how to influence these subconscious processes by using Deep Imagination. Deep Imagination is a powerful tool to align yourself with the roots of inspiration and your capacity to heal yourself and transform your life.

The Elements of the Wise: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit

Different states of consciousness are linked to the physical environment and the classical elements. Earth is the ability to manifest. Air the ability to think clearly. Fire is your passion, Water your intuition and Spirit the ability to transform your experiences and bring them to a higher level.

Build your Inner Temple

The next step is to take things to an even deeper level as you work on building your Inner Temple, a sacred space deep inside of your soul. Compare this to building a normal house. You start with the foundations, then you build the walls, the different rooms with their different functions, and then you wire the building. When the basic structures are ready, you switch on the power, and the magic can happen!

The Keys to the Hermetic Secrets

We use Hermetic methods. The word ‘Hermetic’ means that the ideas we study are all based on the philosophy and on the magical ideas of the Hermetic laws of Hermes Trismegistus, another name for the Egyptian God Thoth. Through the Inner Journey you will learn to use the Hermetic Keys.

During the Inner Journey you will learn new meditation techniques that enable you to unfold your Deep Imagination. In each lesson you learn new applications, using Deep Imagination to release some ‘unknown powers of the mind’.

Personal guidance on the Inner Journey

Each lesson you practice new Deep Imagination techniques. You write down your experiences down in a daily report, which you send to your personal guide.

After a while you will start to feel a new kind of energy. This gradually becomes stronger and more effective and you gain increased control of the process. Because of the power of this force, it is essential that fundamental techniques are completely mastered. This is why we supervise the training.

Since I want to give every student the full attention, the number of participants is limited. Soon I will start to evaluate qualifications and eligibility of candidates. If you want to participate in this journey of self-discovery and personal growth, and want to discover the hidden treasures of your Self, then don’t hesitate and fill in the form, and I will contact you shortly.

Books for the Inner Journey

First Module: Magic, the Basics

These first five lessons are the introduction to the Inner Journey. You will find pathworkings which will place your foot on the path you have chosen, articles about different aspects of Hermeticism. You will start doing relaxation exercises and start making your first magical tools. You will learn the inner meaning of the tools you make.

Second Module: The Astral Plane

From now on you  start working with the Hermetic Kabbalah. During every lesson you will be working on a specific area of the Tree of Life. The lessons follow the path going upwards along the Kabbalistic Tree.

Third Module: Raising Fire

Like the Holy Cobra you move from left to right upwards on the Tree of Life. Slowly you climb upwards. On your way up the snake dances from left to right; from light to darkness. From male to female. From Yin to Yang. All opposites need to be balanced to take the next step upwards.

Fourth Module: The Law of Attraction

Now you are starting to notice that the images in your meditations come to life. It is like you have found a sender for psychic energy and you are getting the messages of the inner world clearer. Slowly you are noticing that the inner images tend to influence outer events. This is a parallel process that becomes stronger when you get more trained.

Fifth Module: The Stone of the Wise

You have grown past the stage of the Apprentice. You are connected to the mainstream and you have been given access to the Fellowship of White Magic. You now really start to feel what the Inner Journey brings about in your soul. It makes you hungry for more. The flashes of insight start to come more often in an explosion of joy …

*The name The Inner Journey is the new title for the Solo Magical Training.

Recommended Books for the first semester of the Inner Journey

  • Ina Cüsters-van Bergen: The Temple of High Magic
    The Mystery of the Sea
  • Gareth Knight: Magical Images and Magical Imagination
    A Practical Guide To Quabalistic Symbolism (Volume 1 and 2)
  • AC Highfield: The Book of Celestial Images
  • Dion Fortune: The Mystical Qabbalah
    Introduction to Ritual Magic
  • Walter E. Butler: The Magician, his Training and Work
  • Israel Regardie: A Garden of Pomegranates
    The Middle Pillar
  • Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki: First Steps in Ritual
  • Nick Farrell: Magical Pathworkings