Cards & Candles Café

The Cards & Candles Café

  • Is a cozy meeting place for everyone with an interest in spirituality,
  • it’s intention is to meet likewise minded people,
  • it takes place in multiple cities in a public place,
  • it is accessible for everyone who comes from a personal interest,
  • it takes place once a month.

Every Cards & Candles Café has one contact person. Do you want to know more, do you want to pass by? Then email us!

  • Introduce yourself,
  • tell us what your spiritual interests are,
  • write us why you would like to come to the Cards & Candles Café.

We organize the Cards & Candles Café in the Netherlands, in Germany and in Belgium. The Cards & Candles Café is hosted by local pubs that offer us a meeting place. We gather there once a month to chat about our favorite subjects and to meet new people who have a spiritual interest. We hope to meet you soon!